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Fighting poverty and providing help

Giving underprivileged people a better life (health, skills, basic amenities, education).

Mother of health

Helping to improve standard of living.

Making basic amenities available for underprivileged persons is the first step to eradicating poverty and improve the living conditions of people in need.

Mother of health

Free diagnosis and screening

Through medicaid radio diagnosis, we have been able to improve the cost of accessing medication, tests and much needed support to person who could not afford to afford it. Medicaid cancer foundation also helps to create awareness to persons with little to no access to information about their health, cancer and living a healthy life.

"Increasing cancer awareness and access to treatment at affordable rates is the first step.
Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life"

being the first lady

Recent Donations

Supporting the fight against poverty, injustice, illiteracy and improving healthcare around the globe.